How far are you willing to move beyond your existing beliefs and step into your own magical wildness?

Welcome to my  website. I am so happy you are here. Come on in, take a look around and let’s explore  together how to be in a more easeful  relationship to  everything

What does ‘coming to rest’ mean to you? Stopping, relaxing, relief and repose or maybe giving up?

To me, rest is a blessed place to reside. A place where more space can be found, where breathing out occurs, where the clamour begins to quieten.

On a physical level, the effect can be obvious. But what happens when we ‘come to rest’ in our approach to our feelings, thoughts, to our habitual reactivity?

When we ‘come to rest’ in our constant nagging of ourselves to do, to achieve, to keep going. When we relax the habitual tightening and contractions that are so wired into human psychology that we don’t even notice them?

Even to the extent of beginning to see that our whole notion of personal identity, of who we are, is a kind of contraction, a holding on: to memories, feelings, behaviours, ideas.

Softening our habitual wiring of tightness and control at every level of our being and becoming more available to the bigger context

What if we could ‘come to rest’ so thoroughly that we begin to glimpse new ways of being. New ways of showing up. New possibilities for how to respond to what occurs in life, to how others behave, to our own stories. To become more available to the deeper currents that are always there, waiting to move through us and bring something new into being …….

What if we could find a new way to look at healing, not as repeating what we already know, but looking for what we don’t already know and allowing that to emerge right here, right now?

What might be possible then?
What might emerge if given the time and space to voice itself?
What is whispering right on the edge of awareness ………………

What if you already contain the possibility of healing that you seek?

Having worked as a Homoeopath and spiritual counsellor for over 25 years, my interest and passion is now pushing out to the edge of finding that alchemy within ourselves, accessing our healing directly.  Becoming more available to what is always already here. Finding ways of making that visible to ourselves.

Everything on this website is offered in that spirit.  Take what serves, what lights your passion, what enables you to fly, leave behind anything that doesn’t.  Don’t take anything here as a truth or a belief that you have to buy into.

How is your heart singing to you, what is the whisper in your ear…………?

What magic has been waiting for you to rediscover it?  Are you willing at least to ask the question and see……… what ………… arises…………….

Frances is a great advocate for her favourite activities – sleep and rest. Having experienced a lack of physical energy for most of her life, a period of chronic fatigue during the peri-menopause years provided a great opportunity to dive deeply into what takes energy and what builds it. Because she also gets ridiculously excited about – and wants to engage fully with – everything that is occurring in life, her sacred work has become focussed on this balance between being and becoming, resting and engaging.