About Frances 

For the last 25 years, I have worked one to one from my home in Wiltshire with lovely people who have come looking for a space in which to explore their own healing.  I have used homoeopathic remedies, flower essences, spiritual counselling, visualisation, and various other practices.

Fundamentally I hope that I have provided a loving presence in which they could bring more of themselves out without any judgement, to see aspects of themselves that maybe had been frozen or put away as too difficult or painful to be with.   A space in which to be kind to themselves and integrate the frozen parts.  It has been  a privilege and a joy.

But something is stirring in consciousness and the human experience is changing.  Leaning into that edge of newness, I feel the imperative to bring our creativity to the fore, to use that to access wisdoms and awareness that we maybe haven’t had access to before.

Using this for my own pleasure and learning, mainly following a teacher online called Shiloh Sophia (shilohsophiastudios.com)  I have discovered a well-spring of delight, an opening to new ways of being, an expansion of my own being that is like Christmas and birthday rolled into one…….. I feel alive in a way that is interestingly different.  Like a permission to return to a more childlike place of not needing to do anything for anyone else’s pleasure but my own.

This imperative seems to be seeding a new way of working with others and so I offer this website as a portal into this.  An invitation to engage with your own creative self (I am not talking about talent but the natural impulse to create that is more familiar to the right side of our brain than our over-educated, over-emphasised left sides).  Don’t get me wrong, I love rational thought – I have a degree in Physics and Philosophy and taught Mathematics for a while.  I love the tool of thinking.  But we all know that we have focussed on that to the detriment of our other faculties.  The softer, more flowing, more messy side of our thinking that is more interested in possibility than in outcome.

That loves curiosity and exploration.

I am embarking on a journey of exploration into this side of myself and I am inviting you along ……….

Contact me:

email: frances@francesbarker.com

phone: 01380 860378 (UK landline)