From me to you with so much love.

Audio practices to support you in your daily life and for those times when you need a bit of extra help

These are mp3 files that can be played directly here or downloaded to your device by right-clicking on the download button and choosing save as or save target as (devices vary). Please note that you can’t download direct to an ipad – download to your computer and use iTunes to add to your tablet.

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Apothecary of loving kindness – visualisation and creative process

Don’t skip the creative part…… land it fully for yourself by making your wisdom visible …. and enjoy using shape and colour to bring your consciousness alive

accessing your own healing wisdom to work with an issue or inquiry

If you want to work more deeply with this process, see the Work with me page and contact me to explore this

Endorphin practice –
cultivating the inner smile

I learnt these practices from a wonderful teacher called William Bloom, who has woven current understanding from psychoneuroimmunology with his own experience of meditation and eastern traditions of spirituality. For more detailed information and practices, see his fantastic (and very accessible to read) book The Endorphin Effect

practices for engaging your body’s own biochemistry for well being and relaxation

Coming back to your own ground – practice of belonging

a simple practice of coming back to your own body

Noticing the inner quiet

softening our awareness and becoming aware of the inner quiet that is always here, always available