Inner quiet

Allowing ourselves to come to rest and find the inner quiet

There is a deep quiet at the heart of things that we are so unused to being aware of that most of us live as if it isn’t there.  Indeed we live in a society that values noise and busyness and distraction to such a degree that it is increasingly difficult to find quiet in the outer world.  But there is a deeper truth at work here. 

The inner quiet is always present because it is not dependant on what is showing up in the external world.  There is a way of perceiving that actually suggests that the external world arises from this inner quiet. 

We are so used to assuming that we as humans have consciousness and that we use it to be aware of our external and internal world. On the evidence available, including that gathered from people who have had what might be termed mystical experiences, it seems far more likely that we arise out of consciousness. 

That consciousness has us.

Indeed that the external and internal worlds that we perceive are simply different manifestations of consciousness, perceived differently (a body and other ‘things’ around us seem to have material substance that we can touch).  The more we look into it the harder it becomes to find a boundary between ‘in here’ and ‘out there’.  If everything is arising out of consciousness, these problems disappear.

We simply need to shift our viewpoint away from one in which humans are the centre of everything……….. and allow ourselves to be part of a beautiful unfolding.

Whether we want to accept these ideas into our belief system or not, it remains true to experience that practice of techniques such as meditation can lead us to experiences of this inner quiet.

This is the source of our insight and of our replenishment.  It is a place for teachings and wisdom to land within our being and then become embodied.  It is another ‘ground’ that we can cultivate.  Subtly different from grounding in our body, it gives us a deeper sense of connection to everything, to ourselves, to wisdom, to mystery.  Connecting to this seems to allow insights to arise not just within our own awareness, but through life itself. 

Synchronicities start to abound, people or circumstances appear as we need them.  Life starts to flow and we seem to be more in tune with its rhythm.

How do we access this inner quiet?

There is a wealth of information and teachings but for now just allow yourself to stop where you are and notice what is going on in your awareness.  The thoughts, the feelings, the bodily sensations. 

Notice external stimuli – what you see, hear, smell…… And just notice that you are aware of all of this.  

Let yourself simply settle and notice. 

What is beneath it all, what is all around pervading it?

It is so subtle that we usually aren’t aware of it.  Like the air we breathe or like a fish swimming in water we simply don’t see it because it is the constant backdrop.  But like air or water, it also is inside us.

Just let yourself become still, even if thoughts are clamouring or feelings are running high, or the body is complaining. 

There is a way of simply letting ourselves become soft and open.

Give yourself the delicious gift of unpinning your attention, noticing the inner quiet and see what happens.

This is a place to replenish and renew yourself. 

Always available.

Here it is. 

Just stop, let go of the noise and let yourself rest for a while.

There are some amazing teachers and guides out there who have a lot of resources available to help us access the inner quiet and I encourage you to seek them out.

These are the ones who have helped me the most:

Craig Hamilton –

Jeff Carreira –

Adyashanti –

A pure heart and a clear mind is the most powerful human good in the universe